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We are now entering the year 2018, which is proving to be yet another busy and fruitful year ahead from judging by the many new developments we planned, were scheduled and completed, 35 more film projects for the Film industry Sectors covering 2015 to 2017 period, and four currently in production makes for an exhilarating upcoming season filled with excitement and achievement for all those Authors involved.  Our Agency is continuing to experience a phenomenal influx of talented and interesting authors from all walks of life, every corner of the globe, and all manner of professions; and all of whom deserve to be noted and listed. We shall endeavor to place all our clients with suitable publishers, in an industry which has evolved into an enormously challenging and competitive market. However, we feel confident that all our clients shall indeed see publication with genuine and traditional publishing firms over the ensuing months.I would like to think that we always aim to offer talented authors opportunities which they would otherwise not be able to attain to, in an industry where both Agents and Publishers are becoming evermore overwhelmed with requests and submissions – from not only first time published authors, but veterans of the craft likewise, who are looking to spread their wings further afield and into the film industry.

Undoubtedly, the literary industry in general continues to experience predictable revolutionary processes as to how books are being published in the immediate, and  tomorrow’s future. There are more writers and aspiring innovative authors than ever before since the advent of, and constantly developing technological advances of the Internet capable sciences. New standards are being set and need to be met, which has already seen mergers of some of our renowned and most longstanding traditional publishers such as Penguin Random Group who did exactly that in 2012, now also even offering ‘self publishing packages’ for authors keen to see their name mentioned under the Penguin banner.  It seems to have paid off for the publishers (http://deadline.com/2015/03/penguin-random-house-bertelsmann-earnings-1201401793/ according to the this report.  It is also showing and reflecting the needs that are to be met by our simply embracing and adapting to new ways as to how the literary and other industries operate and function. We are now able to manage our personal and corporate communications with optimum speed. By utilizing all manner of new applications and functionality at will, enabling us to execute our marketing prowess and promotions campaigns strategies on many corporate levels in order to meet a high consumer demand. We are now able to deliver our various industry related projects and products to the world with effective proficiency, and the most evocative and thought provoking strategies than ever before, thanks to the Internet and innovative digital technologies.

Over some decades, we have had the pleasure of reviewing and assessing many hundreds of fine works that proved to be of a high standard quality literature, able to project a multitude of imagination and expression of thought. Over the upcoming weeks and months we shall be adding more published titles (still waiting patiently to be added to the listings on ourwww.gilbertliteraryagencyauthors.com  pages; depending on the amount of my own free time available, and which rests in the lap of the gods, but it shall be done.   Although not part of our normal standard services, I enjoy doing them for our clients, and is the least I can do for our authors to help them with their promotions.

(Also Refer to our ‘About Our Authors’ categories –http://gilbertliteraryagencyauthors.com/category/about-our-authors/)  We hope to be able to represent some of our best selling authors and their respective projects to the film sectors for consideration, and worthy many works prove to be, as they’re all exciting and unique story concepts I certainly haven’t see in any films yet.

Authors' Options and Choices on Offer

Many Authors in today's literary industry climate are experiencing a sense of deep frustration, leaving them wondering why their books are not selling units in the volume they had anticipated.  This phenomenon is not uncommon and continues to be on the increase on a greater scale as we move further into  the 'new age of publishing' methodologies,  as the restructuring of the literary industry in general has become the reality which we must all face and acknowledge.   We have the solution to your  problem.  We are able to offer you one of the two options in how you wish to see your books published.

Our close collaboration with Forbidden Tear's Productions (Producers of quality DVD Audio Books & Film). is able to offer a solution to your frustrations, and in seeing your dreams become the reality to see your books in a more visual presentation in the form of DVD Audio Books presentations.  It means going the short route to success, and making the sales you so desire in a shorter time, and you get to keep more of the profits your DVD Audio Books deliver.   Should you wish to discuss this option and the options that are open to you more indepth, we are here to provide you with a solution to your frustrations.

Marketing and Promotions

We also offer the traditional representation for a wide range of quality literary works to Publishers with global reach, and serve our aspiring authors well by helping them in becoming successful published authors who may  infuse some ‘new blood’ into the global publishing industry with their unique and special talents. “Just remember…It takes longer to write a book than it takes for it to be read.” We believe there is always room for more writers with colorful and unique writing styles and techniques, who will be able to offer a wider choice and range of compelling and innovative ideas and stories to our global readership. We endeavor to secure the right connections for every individual client with the appropriate sectors.

Our Available Services

We would like to extend our Services and make those available to all who may wish to make use of them. We charge no upfront fees for our comprehensive editorial services during representation of your work to suitable publishers. We specialize in all genres of literature in both Fiction and Non-Fiction categories. We provide our thorough assessments on all works of fiction including Children’s, Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, and Crime, Literary Fiction, General Fiction, Women’s Popular Fiction, Gay and Lesbian, Sci-Fi Fantasy/Horror, Sci-Fi Adult/Fantasy/Thriller, and non-fiction i.e. Autobiography, Life Story, Biographical, bibliographical, Short Story Collections of around 65,000 words minimum and upwards, Scientific, political, religious, spiritual, supernatural, theological genres, culinary, travel and photographic works/projects.


We offer proofreading and line editing services, in-depth manuscript assessments covering areas such as characterization, plot, settings, dialogue and style with a focus to working with Authors who may be in need of this service. This objective analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of manuscripts will hopefully be able to assist in improving work. We provide authors with constructive comment on the strengths and weaknesses of their work. In particular we offer novelists our professional screenplay adaptation services (Our specialty) where these may be sought after. Although we are a New Zealand based company and have a representative agent residing in Australasia, we welcome submissions from all quarters, however our main focus is on international publishers and global distribution.

Film Production and Animation We are in the process of promoting and offering representation for projects/works deemed suitable material for movie and live animation projects, TV Media production and Stage Production Performance projects on behalf of our clients to our contacts in Los Angeles, Canada, and film production auctions in the UK, where your intellectual property may be presented for evaluation by various film/publishers who take part in scheduled industry Auction venues.


Note: Emailed manuscript submissions are preferred, but we also accept CD form under special circumstances. The bulk of our clientele is comprised of international authors from the U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Brazil, Western European countries, Asian and Middle Eastern continents, Australia and New Zealand. When submitting your work to our Agency, please ensure that your personal contact details are included (i.e. forwarding address, date of birth, home/work/ telephone/ Cell numbers.

Our Targets

On the main we target the services of offshore Publishers for our clients, availing us to more varied services and enabling a far wider reach of readership. Many of our promising and aspiring authors are able to infuse their own unique stamp on the industry, by offering a wealth of diverse talents in order to satisfy a multiple of genres that are sought after by an ever-growing and more discerning readership audience around the globe. We are pleased to be in a position to offer opportunities to writers and previously published authors as well, who have not been able to find satisfaction elsewhere. We are pleased to announce that we shall be reviewing numerous exciting new works over the coming months of 2015 and the ensuing years ahead, created by our many talented authors.


"For tomorrow, next week, and our collective future strategies planned and hoped for - executed well above and beyond of what we are capable of; Let us today endeavor to meet its own demands and responsibilities which may bear down upon our collective shoulders.  Owing to their trust imbibed in us, let us with positive actions and a discerning sense of conscientious labor assert our very best efforts on behalf of others whom we may represent.   Generated and accomplished by a sense of wisdom and selfless interest, and that we may bear the brunt of our responsibilities with genuine honesty, a reflective deep sense of pride, and reverent sense of duty."

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