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Founded and  Registered with New Zealand Books in Print Since 1990- With International Reach since 2005.



Dear Existing Clients, Friends and PublishingColleagues!

To learn more about the GilbertLiterary Agency please do your research first and reserve your final judgments about our Agency, our successes and performance, our strengths and results, and base them upon those facts alone. 

Although we are located in such afar away destination as New Zealand, we enjoy International reach and deal with publishers from around the globe on behalf of all our clients.   W eoffer opportunities to authors who may not otherwise be noticed in among the millions of other fine authos around the world, and who may have missed out on becoming published authors rather sooner, than later, but whose work are of the highest standard and is showing much promise and potential.  We would like to help assist as many as we can to make a start somewhere, upon which they can then confidently build a foundation enabling them in turn to present and promote all their future projects. 

We hope to be instrumental in seeing this aspiration materialize for every one of our clients, just as every other famous author had their start somewhere. 

A well written script  and neat presentation is more likely to make for a tempting proposition to a publisher, than not. 

We also have authors registered with our agency, who were already previously published, and a number of whom were multi-published.  They are individuals from all walks of life,and all manner of successful and high-profile professions, who came to us forour services and representation for whatever reasons this may be.  We are therefore pleased to be able to offer our best services and continue to nurture their welfare during these processes to securing a publishing contract for each and every one of them, for as long as this may take us, but shall find the right publisher for their respective talents. 

Simply by visiting our official web pages via the following links, you will be able to learn more about who we really are, what we have to offer, and how we do it.

The best testimonials and accolades (available upon request) will be from those very authors on whose behalf we have secured publishing contracts over the years.

Registered Member of International Literarymarket Place

Founded & Registered with New Zealand Books inPrint since 1990. Writers.Net



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