An ever growing number of Authors, both previously published and new writers are appearing onto the scene,  flooding the in-boxes of Agents and Publishers alike.  As consequence final approvals and decisions as to the commercial viability of books based on the quality of both grammatical presentation and authenticity, as well as their unique merit, are beginning to take longer as time goes by.  However those authors who are prepared to be patient will succeed and achieve their aims successfully.

Below please find a limited listing of our already published authors, and those whose novels are still to be published and released this quarter of 2013 - 2014 may be viewed here:

R. B. Clague      
Daisy                                                                          Karabeth UK
Twenty Twisted Tales                                               Vamptasy Publishing                                                                                                         

John Tomaino                                      
The White Room                                                        Karabeth
Stardoom – “The Understudy”           

Scott Fields
Warm Winds of Autumn                                            Karabeth
Summer Harvest
Just Believe     
The Mansfield Killings                                               Outer Banks Publishing
Summer Heat

John  Caulfield
In All my Sad Dreaming
The Atom Heart Murders                                            Karabeth

A Season of Glass                                                      Solstice Publishing
Ray Owen  
The Hole                                                                       Better Karma Publishing

Tempered Throne                                                       Solstice Publishing 

Amy Johnson    
Meg’s Moment                                                             World Castle Publishing

Destiny Webb    
My Wish for You                                                          World Castle Publishing

Qwaun Chi        
Obsession                                                                    World Castle Publishing

Angie West    
Shadow Cave Series Book I                                        World Castle Publishing

Wallace Berger     
The Wormhole Prophesies                                          World Castle Publishing

Undine Celeste & Donna Giancola  
 Her Underground                                                         Solstice Publishing

Wally G. Vaughn      
The Montgomery Bus Protests 1955-1956                  Black Book Plus   

Noel Myricks, J.D., Ed.D                                               Black Book Plus       

Sometimes I Feel Like a Fatherless Child                                   

R. Milton Quibner      
How High Should I Jump?                                           Black Book Plus

Clare Mansfield     
Away With The Fairies                                                
Black Book Plus

William Hinson                                        
Discovering Ancient Giants                                   
     Black Book Plus

Dr. Steven Porter                                      
The American Covenant                                              Black Book Plus              

Barrak Adams   
Pre-Emptive Thinking                                                   Black Book Plus

Jaden Kelly                                                 
Codename Viper                                                          Grey-Gate Media, LLC     

Christina Matson  
Revelation Series                                                         Black Book Plus
Rachel                                                                           World Castle Publishing   
Mike Ward
Sam and The Seawitch                                                 Muse It Up Publishing 

Ken Brewer
The Enfield Conspiracy                                                Black Books Plus  

Paolo de Ruggiero                                                        Pen & Sword Publishing UK 

Mark Antony

Jack King                                                                       Charles River Press 

Quest for the Middle Kingdom

Obi AK                                                                            Charles River Press   

The Wallock's Wrath

A. J. Dormaar                                                                 Solstice Publishing 

The Uncrowned Queen

The Unclaimed Throne

 Charity Barger                                                              Solstice Publishing --/87

Peter N. Bernfeld                                                         A//*Solstice Publishing  /

Eliezer's Journey

Eliezer's Return

The Adventures of Trembling Tim the Two Tone Tiger

Tim Turpin 

William E. Fripp III                                                        Solstice Publishing


Molly Hill                                                                       Sarah Books Publishing

If I were....

Jade Book I (Shadow Night Vampire Series)            Secret Cravings Publishing

Traced Book II (Shadow Night Vampire Series) 

Jane Simpson                                                               Sarah Books Publishing

Prisoner of our own Device

Carey Groendal                                                            Solstice Publishing 

How Evil Works 

With You Always 

Eugene F. Elander                                                        Solstice Publishing

Empowerment:  Taking Charge of Your Life 

The Goat of God

David Palmer                                                                  Penrose Publishing UK

Refuse Generation

Juan Feral Pease                                                           Penrose Publishing UK

Neptune's Trident 

Robin Cooksey                                                              Sarah Books Publishing 

The Eastern Bear Series (Historical fiction)


Charity Barger                                                               Solstice Publishing 

My Teenage Life: Freshman Innocence

Devon Volkel                                                                  Penrose Publishing 

The Witches Chronicles - A Witch's Aura

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